Inter-Society Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF)

ISDCF meeting Schedule:

Tuesday December 11, 2018 10:30am  Universal

January 29?? (perhaps a call only? 10:30-2:30pm)

Audio Immersive Plugfest March 12/13, 2019 - tentative

ISDCF Meeting March 14, 2019

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Meetings run

    Main ISDCF 10:30 AM-2:30 PM

    Lunch 12 PM - 12:30 PM ish  or

Dial (530) 881-1212  Meeting ID: 709-805-578

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DRAFT Main Meeting Agenda - December 11, 2018

Part 1: Reporting

* Housekeeping: Sign-In

* Thank you Universal/Intersociety for Snacks!

* Thank you Pixelogic for lunch!!

* Thank you Universal for the facility and parking

     *     Legal reminder / press reminder

     *     Chatham House Rule:

     *     When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

* Meeting notes (approval)

     *     Organizational issues

     *     InterSociety request to be a member! $500/company. Please Join Inter-Society! http:// www.intersociety dot org / become-a-member / $500 per company per year / $100 individual membership.

     *     Not enough to pay for lunches … Require membership? Charge More? Have companies pay for lunch? Make it easier to become members? Move meeting time to avoid lunch?

     *     Select Dates for next meetings (lunch:  Dec ’18 Pixelogic,  )

Part 2: Real Work

Naming Convention

Studio Not Specified: NULL - Really? So low class…

Name for Episodic? EPS?


An update…


Screen-X Technical Specs? Other format technical specs? Should we have a link to these on the website?


Update to SMPTE standards - status and direction?


Immersive audio plugfest

Planning for (March) plugfest - need new date

Vessa’s approach to restricted bitstream.


Trailer Levels



Brazil Sign Language


Reference sizing charts

Design of next set of SMPTE-DCP test content

Updates to B2.1 content - see breadcrumbs


TDL List management - how to get updates to all TDL owners?

Need for a tutorial for theater operators of options. Need a common naming method for services provided.


Next Generation Displays - Direct View and HDR projectors

Feedback to DCI’s latest release.


Any upcoming special formats?


Alternate audio language delivery


Action Items from October 16, 2018

     1.     Please Join Inter-Society! $500 per company per year, $100 individual membership.

     2.     Add link to to the ISDCF website to help exhibitors to be able to play SMTPE-DCP content. This is a UNIC / EDCF site.

     3.     Gather folks (call or meeting) to discuss how to proceed to formalize B2.1 constraints in the SMPTE or ISDCF process. (Chris W, Steve L)

     4.     Create an immersive sound discussion list for sharing of bit streams prior to the plugfest.

     5.     Get results from the SMPTE Renderer Expectations Drafting Group meeting (Pete L)

     6.     Send recipes to Jerry for potluck dishes.

     7.     Post zipped sizing charts to ISDCF. (About 20GB)

     8.     Call meeting to create common language for TDL/KDM management in anticipation of creating an educational series.

     9.     Create a presentation for education of exhibitors on the options to report changes of equipment.

     10.Jerry will post the Digital Delivery of DCP Recommendation to the ISDCF reflector for final comments.

From Earlier Meetings:

     11.CJ will provide language that might be used for the open-source copyright to be included on the website isdcf-slash-t.

     12.Create a license-free immersive audio file for creating immersive bit stream content to test - Mike R? Pete L (Fraunhofer)?


EDCF Information



SMPTE update

Equipment vendor updates


Plugfest Breadcrumbs:

Testing sync / data transfer testing.

Test material breadcrumbs:

Mods that would make it even better

1) The audio for the LFE channel could have some low frequency rumble - the brickwall filter works well and we don’t hear anything in the room.

2) Lc and Rc (Left Center and Right Center) were both heard in the theater during 7.1 playback. We felt that it was OK that we heard those channels, but the text says “should not be heard.” We think the language could be “Left Center - Might not be heard” and “Right Center - Might not be heard” So that would be in the text and voice speaking.

3) Not an issue with the DCP part, but we didn’t have all the text on the screen - meaning it wasn’t framed right. We COULD (maybe not) add a scope frame around the border to let folks know they are seeing all the pixels. This is turning into a really nice piece of test content, why not make it better.

4) There is a need for test content with a sign language video track as per ISDCF documents.

5) There is a need for a SMPTE object based audio track.

We should test language codes for subtitles at next plugfest. One CPL with only one closed caption (CC)  track. One with two CC tracks (EN and EN-UK). A playlist with first CPL with CC EN, second CPL with CC FR. A playlist with first CPL with CC EN, Second CPL with two CC tracks EN-GP and FR.


Part 3: “Parking Lot” (things that are in remission)

New ISDCF Document: “Delivery of non standard extension content for Digital Cinema” (Dean/Jerry)

Need for an ISDCF recommended practice for what to expect in the CPL metadata. It will point to the appropriate SMPTE documents for the true authority, but it is targeted at general users (exhibitors) for layman language on what is in the metadata. (Steve/Jerry will revisit)

Subgroup to edit / recommend changes for Document 12 - RP for Ingest Behavior - Steve L to lead, Dean B, John H, Mike R, Jim W, Chris W, Bill E “volunteered” to participate.

Event Cinema Automation -

Europe Subtitles burned in … Problem with trailers - Readdress after move to SMPTE has been completed.

Subtitle update - still issue with 4K png to deliver to 2K projector rendered subtitles. DCI errata has been issued clarifying the matter. SMPTE discussion for additional descriptors to add to define PNG sizes. Some edge cases may not be rendered without additional descriptors.

Subtitle RPL - Multiple RPL topic in SMPTE

     -Measurement of 3D Brightness - update? No solution seen? Is there anything that we can do in this area? Let Peter Wilson keep moving forward.

     -*Standards for SMPTE for in-theater issues

StartMeeting VOIP Set up

Directions to where we meet