Inter-Society Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF)

Immersive Audio Plugfest  - Early Planning - last updated April 29, 2018

Tentative: Virtual plugfest to be held in June (see schedule below) - Contact Jerry if you want to participate

We will not have a plugfest in June.

The latest schedule is:

4/30 - Agreement for use of content prepared

5/14 -  Agreements signed and content shared

5/28 - Target Date for completion of Bitstream MXFs

6/15 - Target Date for DCP completion

6/15 - Target date for DCP Swap (Virtual Plugfest)

TENTATIVE: 7/16-17 - ISDCF Plugfest (ISDCF is on 7/18) - we need AT LEAST 3 rendering systems working to conduct a plugfest.

Participants: (Tentative) Dolby, Barco, D-BOX

Content for Plugfest Testing: TBD - contact Jerry if you want to contribute content (SMPTE-DCP with Immersive Audio content)

Future Location for face-to-face plugfest: Being discussed: Deluxe, Cinemark Playa Vista (they have set up for Barco and Dolby), Universal's Hitchcock, The Dub Stage in Burbank, AMC Burbank, Others?