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Immersive Audio Plugfest  - Early Planning - last updated December 8, 2018

Tentative: Virtual plugfest to be held in April? 2019. We will select a date at the December 11 ISDCF meeting. Contact Jerry if you want to participate

We have created a reflector for Immersive Audio matters. You can join it at:

Test content is becoming available. This content should be considered ALPHA content. It is not tested nor approved. It's their best guess of good IAB content!


Update 20190114

{}I'd like to announce a new version of the Fox IA Test content:


KDMs can be found here:


Changes are as follows:

     •     Fixed incorrect gain encoding in the Zone Gain test (thanks Franhaufer!)

     •     Reduced length of free-form audio description test to meet 2098-2 constraints.

     •     Adjusted Snap Tolerance.

     •     Lengthened duration of pan-subblock test.

I look forward to any comments!

Update: 20181228

Changes are as follows:

     1     Compute MaxRendered correctly instead of hard-coding it to 128 (thanks Philipp & Michael at Fraunhofer for the reminder that I had never implemented this properly).

     2     Add AudioDescription test.

Here are the KDMs:




I'd like to share Version 2 of the Fox IA Test content:

Changes are as follows:

     1     Add Bed Remap Test

     2     Add Pan Sub-block Test (designed to detect if any sub-blocks are being ignored/dropped).

     3     Add Zone-gain Test

     4     Corrected missing channel in 13.1 Bed Test

     5     Correct two reserved values in Object Definition (should have been 1, were set to 0) (thanks to Barco for catching this)

     6     other minor adjustments.

If you've requested KDMs already, you'll find new ones in the zip below:

Look forward your feedback!



Hello Everyone,

I'd like to post the first version of my test content. It's based on a custom implementation of ST 2098-2.

The DCP has the following features:

     1     Encrypted

     2     Multiple frame rates (24, 48 & 60 for now, but if you're interested in others, I have all of them).

     3     Zero-length Preamble

     4     Sparse IA content in reels (not all reels contain IA as per draft ST 429-19

     5     Sparse FSK Sync in reels (not all reels contain FSK sync, as per draft ST 429-19)

The test content itself incorporates the following tests:

     1     Simple bed channel routing

     2     Bed Gain Test

     3     Bed Decorrelation

     4     Object Gain

     5     Moving Objects

     6     Object Snap

     7     Object Snap Tolerance

     8     Object Spread (Low resolution, One dimensional, 3D)

     9     Simultaneous Object Load test (increments from 10 --> 128)

     10     Authoring Tool Metadata Test

     11     Multiple Combining Bed

     12     Replacement Beds

(Note that the newer version is above)

Please send me your certs if you'd like to get KDMs.

-Mike Radford


Hello Everyone,

we would like to share a set of IAB test items which are intended to be used for testing different aspects of IAB decoding and rendering functionality.

The content is based on the Fraunhofer implementation of an IAB encoder.

Each test item is provided in a separate MXF file with (unencrypted) IAB essence. The IAB essence has the following properties:

- zero-length preamble

- framerate of 24 fps

- audio sampling rate of 48 kHz

- audio bit depth of 24 bits per sample

- audio encoded using minimal DLC encoding according to SMPTE 2098-2:201x, clause B.11

The following test items are provided (for a more detailed description please see the word document attached to test content):

1. 9.1OH bed channel check

2. AuthoringToolInformation element

3. ObjectDefinition element with AudioDescriptionText

4. BedDefinition element with AudioDescriptionText

5. Conditional Sub-ObjectDefinition elements

6. Conditional Sub-BedDefinition elements

7. Three simultaneous BedDefinition elements

The content can be downloaded using the following link:

(Note New Link!)

If useful, we would be happy to prepare and contribute additional test material with selected properties.

We are looking forward to receiving any feedback or questions!

Kind regards,

Philipp and Michael


Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kratschmer

Group Manager Audio Metadata

Department Audio

Division Audio and Media Technologies

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

Am Wolfsmantel 33

91058 Erlangen, Germany

Participants: (Tentative) Dolby, Barco, D-BOX, Fraunhofer

Content for Plugfest Testing: TBD - contact Jerry if you want to contribute content (SMPTE-DCP with Immersive Audio content)

Future Location for face-to-face plugfest: Being discussed: Deluxe, Cinemark Playa Vista (they have set up for Barco and Dolby), Universal's Hitchcock, The Dub Stage in Burbank, AMC Burbank, Others?