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BY japierce
(These are the notes from the ISDCF meeting on September 22, 2016.)

Sony is planning to release Billy Lynn on November 11, 2016 in three preferred formats - all in SMPTE-DCP (Type A):
3D60-2K (250Mb/s)
2D60-2K (250Mb/s)
2D120-2K (250Mb/s)

We will refer to these as HFR versions in these notes.

Sony’s goal is to widely play the movie in the HFR version. (Our discussion did not discuss a 3D24 or 2D24 release.)

SMPTE-DCP (Type A) simplified: Burned in Subtitles, no CPL metadata, no MCA labeling

ONLY the movie will be in these HFR formats - no unusual trailers expected either from Billy Lynn or other titles.

Chairman’s Goal: To provide guidelines and procedures for exhibition to play this movie in one of these preferred formats and to provide a list of equipment that should (and should not) be capable.

Question: will there be any problem is shifting between the trailer pod (2D24/3D24) and the HFR movie?

Q: Can 2D60 play on a series 1 dual-link system? A: It might work, but there is concern about widely expecting it to work. The projectors would need to be in a very complex mode (not for average theaters). Not recommended by vendors.

Q: Is a new PCF (Projector Configuration File) needed for the HFR content? A: No. The only known change is to shift to single flash (3D only). Single flash will also play 3D24, but should return to triple flash after the HFR movie leaves the screen.

What is needed to play the preferred formats?

Must have an IMB for 3D60 or 2D120 - no linked servers for 3D60 or 2D120
MAY work with dual link SDI for 2D60 for series 2 projectors
No series 1 for 3D60 or 2D120 -
Series 1 might play 2D60 - probably not - depends on the manufacturer (and it was not in the spec). User beware!! TEST IT!
Sony systems can do 3D60, 2D60, but not 2D120.

Recommendation for 3D - Need to douse projector for ~3 seconds at transition between 3D24 and 3D60 (to let equipment get to sync) plus 3 second black at start of feature. (Mastering should include 3 seconds of black at beginning of presentation.)

NOT easy to set projector in single flash mode. A macro can be used to set the projector in the single flash mode (3D)

Initial testing shows that 2D60/2D120 seemed to work just fine with capable equipment.
Hmm, interesting, this will be the first large scale/commercial HFR-only and 2D-HFR Release...

edit - a discussion on film-tech suggests that Sony has pulled the plug for Billy Lynn's HFR releases completely - except for only two premium locations that will show it in 4k/120/3D.

How these two opposite announcements in such a short timeframe?

- Carsten
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