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BY angelo
I am preparing the Technical Specifications and Requirements for the submission of DCPs for theatrical exhibition at two important Film Festivals I work with.
The basic info included in the specs are the following:
DCP: It is requested to provide two identical DCP of the same movie, each one supplied on a CRU data port Hard Disk Drive (HDD), by August 19th.
Each HDD shall contain only the DCP related to the movie.
The Assetmap of the DCP shall include only the CPL required for the theatrical exhibition at Film Festival.
Each DCP submitted to the Film Festival should meet the current standard “SMPTE-DCP” or the “Interop-DCP” specifications.
No Mixed Format, SMPTE-DCP and Interop-DCP, in the same DCP are accepted.
The File name of the DCP should comply with the current Digital Cinema Naming Convention.
Only in case of logos or trailers is it possible to accept Flash memory USB or to agree on a FTP transfer service.
Would you please provide additional info, and/or modifications, to be included in the above description that can comply with current status?
E.G. should be used “SMPTE-DCP vB2.1” instead of “SMPTE-DCP”? What should include related to Immersive sound?
All info you can provide are kindly appreciate.
I will participate online at the next ISDCF meeting January 19.
Kind regards,
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