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April Arrives – NATO Resolves SMPTE Compliant DCP Transition

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:01 am
by cjflynn
The attached pdf from the National Association of Theater Owners details a recent decision regarding the use of SMPTE Compliant DCPs in cinema theaters of the US and Canada:
“...that motion picture exhibitors operating in the ‘domestic’ market of the United States and Canada will fully transition to SMPTE DCP by 9 April 2019.”
The rest of the world is in various states of checking their various equipment and special circumstances for the ability to release and accept SMPTE compliant DCPs. Some territories and countries have achieved 100% capability. But there has been no declared absolute date for the transition in any other country.
There is a good list of SMPTE Compliant DCP advantages over InterOp in one of the Whereas’s. See the pdf.