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BY japierce
EDCF has posted “The EDCF Guide for Film Festivals in the Digital Age – technical operations, theatrical solutions and recommended practices” - now available for download from the EDCF site http://www.edcf.net/articles.html

Our thanks go to the Festivals Working Group but especially Angelo who has devoted months of his time to write this comprehensive and valuable publication.
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BY sperling
The Event Cinema Association is actually publishing a different handbook specifically for the delivery of alternative content (or event cinema).

Digital Cinema Report has a post with more details:

http://www.digitalcinemareport.com/arti ... L7LG2TF_Lc

From the DCR post:
This marks the first time the event cinema industry has received a set of recommendations from live capture in the venue to exhibition in a cinema. The handbook was written by those in the supply chain themselves, from production companies to satellite providers, from distributors to exhibitors.
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BY jamiegau
Thanks for pointing this out Sperling.
Do you know of a link to a web page were this book can be obtained.
I am keen to read it when I have time.

BY angelo
Hi Sperling,
Do you have the Index -List of Sections included in the Handbook from The Event Cinema Association?
The link do not gives details.
Angelo D'Alessio
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BY sperling
angelo wrote:Hi Sperling,
Do you have the Index -List of Sections included in the Handbook from The Event Cinema Association?
The link do not gives details.
Angelo D'Alessio
I'm looking into this Angelo and will respond soon with the requested information, or have someone who knows do so. CJ Flynn might be the appropriate person to ask since at the ISDCF meeting this past week he had a copy to show everyone.
BY cjflynn
Ciao Angelo~! Good to hear from you.

I have the Handbook in front of me. The Chapter Headings are:
Chapter 1 – Production | Two articles, by Peter Byram (Consultant – Royal Opera House) and Robin Boldon (BBC Worldwide)
Chapter 2 – Live Delivery via Satellite | Two articles, by Nigel Crow (Arqiva) and Fabrice Testa (DSAT Cinema)
Chapter 3 – Distribution | Two articles, by Helen Jones (CinemaLive) and Isabelle Faucet (Live Digital Cinema, Ltd., for More2Screen)
Chapter 4 – Exhibition | Two articles, by Johnny Carr (Vue) and Kevin Markwick (Picture House)
Chapter 5 – Sound | Two articles, by Terry Nelson (Studio Equipment Switzerland) and Julian Pinn (Julian Pinn Ltd.)
That is followed by a 13 page Glossary

Melissa Cogavin, the MD of Event Cinema Association writes the Foreword and Peter Wilson of HDDC writes the introduction as the Technical Delivery Working Group Chair

There are more graphs than pictures, many references, several notes of things to watch out for, quite a few paragraphs that could be turned into practical checklists...all in all, a guide, a reference and a teaching tool.

I cordiali saluti,
Charles 'C J' Flynn
Digital Test Tools, LLC
BY cjflynn
I should have answered the question that James had as well. The link for the Event Cinema Association Technical Delivery Handbook is:
ECA Technical Delivery Handbook

I should be clear that I am not fiscally associated with the Association, although I just became a member, and I just happened to be in London when the Handbook was launched, and have a copy. It says on that page that members can get a copy for £15.

C J Flynn
QualityActive, Post-Installation Compliance
Hi all, the ECA's Technical Delivery Handbook is on sale on the website and we have just commissioned a version in French to be published towards the end of the year. It is a step by step guide to the process of event cinema written by professionals in the industry from every link in the supply chain - from live capture in the venue to exhibition, with a comprehensive glossary at the back. We'll be bringing copies with us to CinemaCon next month but you can order through the website via PayPal here:

http://www.eventcinemaassociation.org/e ... dbook.html

Hope that helps, thank you for your interest and thanks CJ for the run down of the chapters!

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