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Calculating Leq(m), or is their an alternative?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:20 pm
by jamiegau
I have a library of Trailers and Ads, and I want to check them for compliance to audio levels..
Leq(m) 85 for trailers.
Leq(m) 82 for Trailers.
(According to standards organizations)

However, Leq(m) is a Dolby tool, and I expect proprietary as it is not easy to find apart from in Dolby tools..

I was wondering if anyone has come across any open source tools that can be used to calculate this value? (Ie I intent to write come code to go through them all and tell me the results etc)

Or if there is an equivalent level for Trailers/Ads using a STANDARDS based loudness measurement?