Meeting notes from past ISDCF meetings are going to be posted here. Visit ISDCF.com for more information on the activities.
ISDCF Main Meeting Notes – September 3, 2015

Upcoming Meetings

Thursday October 22, 2015 - Main meeting - Normal location at Warner Bros.
Plugfest November 9/10, 2015 - Deluxe Hollywood
Wednesday November 11 main meeting - New Location at Warner Bros.
Thursday January 21, 2016 main meeting

Part 1: General Reporting

Antitrust Disclaimer – The official antitrust guidelines are posted on our website and are linked from the main ISDCF page. A short verbal overview of guidelines was given.
Thanks to Disney/Chris for lunch.
Upcoming: Qube for October ’15 (Bring tupperware),
Paramount for November ’15, CineCert January ‘16
Thank you to Warner Bros. for the facilities and parking.
Thank you to Universal for support of the Chairman.
Thank you to Inter-Society for providing the funding for notes, travel, general expenses and admin support.
Thank you to Sony/for the coffee and bagels
Thursday January 21, 2016 was selected for first meeting in January (following ICTA in LA)
Meeting notes from July ‘15 was reviewed and approved.
Note that we will have a new location for our meetings starting in November - across the 134 in a Warner Bros. facility (NOT for October).
Chatham House Rule:
When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.
See more at: http://www.chathamhouse.org/about/chath ... O9VPs.dpuf

Action Items from September 3, 2015

One more round of Digital Cinema Naming Chart update underway.
Content that has problems in rendering of subtitles (Radoslav M. will provide to ISDCF memers).
Chis W. will prepare new SMPTE-DCP material in Test Package B Version 2.0 layout for testing (and send a USB stick to Jerry).
Nick M / Steve L - Create a disc image that contains LOTS of content types for ingest testing. [SMPTE-DCP (test content A/B/B version 2.0 in both 5.1 and 7.1), Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Barco Escape, ScreenX, Dolby Vision DCP, and some non-DCP content including: a word document, a .jpeg document, a .tiff document, a .pdf document]
Request small packages from Dolby, Barco, DTS, ScreenX for inclusion in the test package.
Jerry/Nick/Ernie prepare a draft recommended practice for ingest behavior for TMS/Servers.
ISDCF should have a recommended practice for zip / tar content to create drives - for test purposes - NOT for distribution to theaters. Dean? Nick? Steve?
Jerry will post updated disc drive recommendation to website. Especially references to SMPTE 429-9.
Sperling to create “sticky threads” for the forum for documents and posted SMPTE-DCP content.

Unresolved Action Items from prior meetings
Create new test content - Test Content B - with Atmos style data (Dean)
Ioan to provide the latest version of feature sound level measurement for posting on-line after September TC meeting.
Update “Recommended Practices for SMPTE-DCP Authoring” document to include in posted technical papers at ISDCF (Jerry, John H, Steve L)
Let EDCF know of SMPTE/Interop issues at Festivals - CJ takes the lead, Nick will help.
Create test content showing problems with subtitles on trailers for next plugfest (November ’15) Jim W.

Part 2: Real Work

Action Item Review from last meetings…
Reflector archive removed from the web (but still cached by Google - over time it should disappear), the Forum is searchable…
Click through language updated (but not necessarily fully checked)
Polycom conference phone working well enough (but mono for computer listening? It’s both channels for recorded playback.)
Naming chart has been updated.
Atmos Data test content is still on the Action Item list - Still planned.

Paramount will release a SMPTE-DCP title in October - DCDC only distribution. Similar to Test Package A.
Disney will release a SMPTE-DCP title in January similar to Test Package B. DCDC for sure, but maybe other distribution means as well - not sure yet.

For clarification: Can all DLP-Series one projectors be upgraded for SMPTE-DCP use? After an interesting discussion we think that except for 3D subtitling - this is true (3D subtitles can not be rendered in the series one projector, it can support server rendered 3D subtitles). It is essential that the projector have a “Gore Board” to support the link encryption between the server and the projector.

There was a side discussion concerning entry point and duration that is problematic in the series one projector. ISDCF decided to define SMPTE-DCP test package A, B & C to avoid this problem in authoring.

There is a problem with certain styles of content on Series 2 projectors and one server. This MAY not be like test content A/B/C, but we don’t know for sure. The server was out of sync when there was entry point / duration. We need to have some additional test content that demonstrates the problem. (Radoslav Markov). We asked for a posting of a CPL with this problem to the reflector.

MCA/CPL data field test

Test content was posted to ISDCF.com to see if this addition was “toxic” to current installed systems. It seemed to be OK-ish. [There was some failure, but not due to the MCA/CPL data field - other problems in the content.]

New content will be called “Test Content B, version 2.0” and it will include MCA metadata in the track files and also in the CPL metadata.

Systems does not need to RESPOND to the MCA descriptor, but it must be able to ingest the content and properly play the content. No server routing of content is anticipated with playback of this content. New systems that can recognize the MCA labels can use these labels for automation.

We anticipate NEW CONTENT of type Test Package B Version 2.0 from Chris W. (Jerry asked for a USB stick with the new content.)

“Walled Garden” SMPTE-DCP expectations

Topic: Many new “flavors” of SMPTE are appearing in the wild. Some of them cause ingestion failure if they appear on a drive with other content - the entire drive can not ingest. Some of these types are:

Barco Escape, DTS-X, CGS DTS-X (China Giant Screen), Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, CJV-Korea (ScreenX), IMAX - Motion Based Seat files on same device or external devices.

What should the behavior of servers and TMS when they encounter new content types (including unrecognizable types)? The bottom line: Ingest everything you can, ignore the rest and (optionally) notify the user of an ingest issue.

In particular, we want drives that contain all the following content types to ingest what they can (thinking ahead to our upcoming plugfest):

SMPTE-DCP (test content A/B/B version 2.0 in both 5.1 and 7.1), Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Barco Escape, ScreenX, Dolby Vision DCP, and some non-DCP content including: a word document, a .jpeg document, a .tiff document, a .pdf document

Below is a staged approach - but we will start with full example 3 and have the others for debug purposes for the November PlugFest. Multiple folders.
Example 1: Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, SMPTE-DCP Test Content B Version 2 in 5.1 & 7.1
Example 2: Add Interop-DCP
Example 3: Add Barco Escape, ScreenX, Dolby Vision DCP, Fox timed text multi-reel test, Word document, jpeg, tiff, pdf

Example 4: Add Advertisements/pre-show DCP’s, and motion seat files, and a badly formed CPL/DCP, IMAX

We need to ask companies to prepare content - Dolby, DTS, Barco, etc.

Do we have a description of what goes wrong with mixed Interop-DCP and SMPTE-DCP on the same drive? Answer: We “solved” the problem with a modification to a SMPTE standard, but it may not have rippled into software or into installed systems.

What about delivery of advertisements in DCP format? Answer: Most advertisements are currently driving projectors through the HDMI/DVI port on the projector and not as DCP files.

ISDCF should issue a recommended practice for TMS/Servers finding unusual/unrecognized content - Jerry, Nick and Ernie will prepare a draft.

Recommendations for zip / tar files in creating stuff for ISDCF/Other distribution that creates full drives. Dean? Nick? Steve? Who?

Plugfest Planning - November 9/10, 2015 - Deluxe Hollywood

What needs to be prepared?
Example 3 content on single drive / multiple folders (one CPL per folder)
Test Content B v2.0 (5.1 and 7.1)
SMPTE 430-14 digital sync and aux data transfer protocol (DTS-X test)
JDCF subtitle testing

TMS/Server testing (again)

HFR - Ang Lee
Capture 120FPS/each eye. What will be distributed? Still under discussion (one person’s opinion - sounds right).

FM Keys for dual projectors
DCI issued an errata that rescinded the dual key requirement.
It is not clear what the requirement should be - we are all welcome to suggest approaches to DCI and the community for the best way to handle dual key/forensic marks.

The issue is image forensic marks using two projectors. How to synchronize the markings so that they can be recovered.

Immersive Audio
SMPTE: Very active - can not be discussed in this public forum.
25css meeting in Paris will be a key discussion. SMPTE has a requirement for a single immersive standard and that will be discussed at the Paris meeting.
Non-SMPTE: Still deployment of Atmos and Auro continue in the all markets. Studios are now delivering in Atmos, Auro, and DTS-X formats. The market continues to grow and market forces are driving many decisions.

Disk Drive Recommendations
Final version needs to be posted. Bill will send version to Jerry to post.

Many individuals and organizations are looking at the forum. It would be a good idea to have a new set of “threads” for each of the documents and content that is posted. This might really help spread the word.

SMPTE process going well. End of 2015 anticipated a almost-final draft.

XLM schema
SMTPE may make the documents more widely available. Good stuff.

Scope? Flat? Answer: each trailer should be prepared for presentation in both formats. The way most do it is by letterbox/pillar box the content and not trimming the content. But a content creator might want to create special versions that fills the frame of scope/flat.

Pre-Show Ads
Are main projectors being used for pre-show or is there a separate projector. Answer: many theaters use the main projector using the DVI/HDMI inputs. They could use DCP, but for now most don’t. The issue of the VPF (Virtual Print Fee) does impact some theater owner decisions.
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