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Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:05 am
by cjflynn
The problems of Anything But Cinema, whether by live satellite or cable feed or by a prepared distribution, become even more complex in this modern age of emergency (or Just-In-Time) tech support.

Common professional cinema standards – for example:
screen and masking dimensions,
sound mixing,
security solutions and
– all have the same or similar sounding names which are different from non-cinema standards, and which can trip up the cinema's automated (and working) equipment, procedures, and staff of the multiplex.

For example:
  • The term 5.1 as a mix scheme shares enough in one world to allow the un-savvy to relax. In reality, the levels are different and the low frequencies are handled completely differently.

    Inexpensive satellite or cable boxes won’t pass professional security and other specs. The wary cinema owner might be proven right that the expense of the higher standard equipment won’t be paid back once the production fails for inexplicable reasons…especially if using off-the-shelf consumer equipment is attempted.

    A glance that sees the production at the 1920 x 1080 spec of 1080p might consider the 2048 width of the cinema as close enough, but customers see odd bars, edges of the screen and bad contrast.
Failures due to incorrectly adapting to any one or combination of these will remind the patron that they can possibly see or hear a more compelling presentation at home.

Please use this thread to note other problems – or to shine more light on these few mentioned – and any successful actions to that cinema techs and management have used to handle non-cinema presentations.