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SMPTE-DCP Test Material Version 2.2 Approved

These are new versions of  test material - Test content Bv2.2

Go to for SMPTE-DCP test material (NEW - 20170515)

Test Keys for this content: The test content is encrypted and keys are being managed by Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema.

To download your keys, please register on the DTDC Portal:

If you require any assistance with Keys, please contact :

US and Canada International 1-800-99-FILMS

Support for all other international customers: 1-818-260-4680.

3D subtitle Tests: (From Jim W)

Frame rate tests:

DTS-X content:

In the process of ISDCF Plugfests we have been the beneficiaries of great contributions from members for test content. Thank you to those that have made the content and made it available for use in the Digital Cinema world. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK (the lawyer in me made me say that:)

Subtitle and CC Timing Test (THANK YOU MIKE RADFORD AT FOX!!)

As promised, please find an updated version of the Fox timed-text sync test. This version does not contain the vast amounts of intentionally unseen timed-text essence (although it does still contain a bit). As with previous versions, this CPL contains fully synchronized: burned in subtitles, on-screen subtitles and closed-caption tracks. It is unencrypted to encourage broad use and testing.   (3.3G)

The complete download size should be exactly 3,541,708,800 bytes. So please verify before reporting missing assets. Also, consider using a UNIX-based tar as I've received numerous error reports caused by buggy windows tools.

Server/Projector Rendered 3D Subtitle Test

FTP to:

User: isdcf

Pass: Isdcfp@ss (case sensitive and the first character is capital I)


Updated January 9, 2013

Credit Flag Test (more accurately the FFMC marker test (first frame of moving credits))  (THANK YOU MIKE RADFORD AT FOX!!)


Updated January 9, 2013

Sequential Format Test

Sequence of 2D24, 3D24, 3D48 material to test switching between formats.

(We are expecting this before the January Plugfest)

It contains 15 CPLs testing all allowed 2D/3D 2k/4k and framerate combinations, along with 96kHz synced audio, time-code/odd/even/left/right burnins, and 3D rendered subtitles.

Marker Test

The new sintel marker test:

It contains *all* markers in their correct locations.