Digital Cinema Naming Convention

Appendix #5


Studio Codes

      The studio codes are 2 - 4 character codes that represent the studio or content creator of the material.  This is helpful if a theatre or distribution entity does not immediately recognize the title in the file name and has a question regarding the material.  The codes are often but not always based on ISCI codes.  They are determined by the individual studios and can be changed at any time by the studios.  If your studio is not represented in the table below and you would like to be, suggest a 3 or 4 letter code and e-mail us at:

This is NOT an endorsement or qualification of these studios. These studios have self-added themselves to the list. This list is provided for convenience only.

The list below is hosted on Google Docs and some may have problems in seeing it here. Here is a PDF (dated February 20, 2019) to help. IT MAY BE OUT OF DATE!!!

In the Composition Playlist

The Studio is listed at //Reel[1]//CompositionMetadataAsset/Distributor:




     <Distributor>Fox Searchlight</Distributor>



Additional Notes:

     This is the closest equivalent in the CPL.  According to SMPTE 429-16, this field is intended to contain the "distributor, e.g. studio, for the Composition Playlist in the intended release territory."